The Clerk.

Your Clerk.

Jaron Freeman

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Jaron Freeman, a dedicated and accomplished individual who assumed the esteemed position of Taylor County Clerk following his successful election in the pivotal 2022 Election. Presently, Jaron is fervently executing his inaugural term in this vital role, and his passion for service is undeniably palpable.

With an unwavering commitment to the community, Jaron Freeman embraces his role as Taylor County Clerk with enthusiasm and a resolute dedication to the well-being of the county’s residents. As a freshly elected official, he stands at the helm of a promising era, poised to make lasting positive impacts on the community he serves.

Each of us can make a difference but TOGETHER we can make a change and there is no greater honor than to serve my community.

Duties of the County Clerk

The County Clerk is to act as Clerk (fiscal officer) of the County Commission.

  • Responsible for payment of all county bills, debts
  • Prepare payroll and all duties associated
  • Oversee and monitor county budget
  • Take minutes of meetings and preserve all orders of the County Commission
  • Receiver of fees charged for the documents filed and recorded with the County Clerk
  • Record and probate wills
  • Appoint administrator to estates
  • Chief Election Official for Taylor County
  • Prepare ballot, appoint and train poll workers, conduct absentee and early Voting
  • Maintain custody and preserve voting equipment owned by the county commission
  • Voter’s registration
  • Maintain and update Taylor County voter’s records
  • Vital statistics
  • Record, preserve and index birth, marriage and death certificates, issue vital record certificates
  • Issue marriage licenses
  • Recordation of documents
  • Record and maintain legal documents such as deeds, deeds of trusts, plats, liens, judgments, releases, wills, appraisements, settlements, leases, military discharges, POA, county commission minutes and many other records.

This is
Taylor County.

Our Deputy Clerks

Bobby Beltner
Bobby Jennings
Carole Klepfel
Cheryl Kelley
Nancy Ellen Judy
Pam Bartlett
Regina Biggins
Terri Hose
Velve Swisher

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