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The Taylor County Clerk’s office provides a variety of services related to probate/estate administration, including accepting petitions for probate, issuing letters testamentary or of administration, providing copies of probate records, helping with estate settlement, and providing forms and templates. Many of those forms and templates are available below, in addition to a list of frequently asked questions and information and testates and intestates. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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For any questions regarding probate/estate administration, contact the Taylor County Clerk’s office at 304-265-1401.


Estates With a Will

Please note that handwritten Wills and Wills prepared in another State may require additional paperwork to record. More than on visit may be necessary to commence Probate.

If the Will does NOT say for the executor to serve without bond, a surety bond will be required BEFORE Probate can begin. Please call the County Clerk’s office for assistance.

What to Bring:


Estates Without a Will

Please call for an appointment. 304-265-1401.

FIRST Determine total value of the Estate – this would be all personal property belonging to the deceased solely or was titled in the deceased’s name only. (This will determine the bond amount)

SECOND You must be bonded before you can be appointed Administrator. Make arrangements with a Surety Company (the County Clerk can provide a list of companies) or with someone who owns real estate in Taylor County, WV to encumber their property. Whoever will be bonding you must accompany you on your day of appointment.

What to Bring:
Vital Records
Marriage License
Voter’s Registration

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